What we do.

Mostly, we train.


But we don't just bring you information- we help you learn skills that change the way you:











Instead of only listening to "lecture" format lessons, we've designed creative exercises that train your brain's emotional and relational control center.

 This enables you to learn through experience instead of just getting information. We've found many people not only have that "lightbulb" moment through these exercises, but these exercises actually help participants learn and practice the skills that change their lives and lead to sustainable transformation.



Our teaching style is very engaging, full of stories, things to make you laugh and easy to grasp concepts that you never thought would be understandable! All of our lessons involve lots of  PHOTOS, which helps capture the heart of teaching points and makes it easier for visual learners to remember!


We find that a long term mentoring relationship is often more impactful than a one time conference visit. Inquire about  mentorship or coaching  groups that will help you walk through your own healing in a way that simultaneously teaches you how to do the same for others. 


Equipping Hearts is proud to maintain relationships with many organizations around the globe including:

  • Life Model Works

  • YWAM


  • Dunklin Memorial 

  • NET Institute

  • New Life Christian Fellowship

We value being in a position to help you link up with others as well.


Equipping Hearts teaches and trains leaders from all over the world with simple exercises that lead to sustainable transformation for entire communities.


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