Skill training that changes individuals, families, churches & communities from the inside out.

Grace: Sustainable Transformation.



We don't just bring you information- we help you learn skills that change the way you:

Connect with God

See yourself    &

Engage with family and community.

Equipping Hearts teaches and trains leaders from all over the world to help nurture sustainable transformation for entire communities.



At Equipping Hearts, we do three things that make us different. Our teaching describes the framework needed for change, skill training that brings change to life and materials that allow communities to practice and grow skills that sustain transformation. 

We believe GRACE is experienced in relationship with God and others and is the basis for ongoing change that transforms us from the inside out. Grace sustains transformation when we share the grace we receive with others.  At Equipping Hearts  our highest priority is to teach others about God's grace, introduce simple and practical exercises to help others connect more deeply with God and others, and to practice those new skills in all of life. 



Ed Khouri is the co-author and co-creator of many teachings now available through Life Model Works. We have books, videos, CD's and mp3's you can download.  Check them out here! 


Equipping Hearts is a non- profit 501(c)3 ministry. We are happy to provide education about addiction and other life controlling problems that is Biblical- as well as firmly grounded in an understanding of Physiology, The Brain and Neuroscience. 

​​Equipping Hearts trains workers, leaders and churches to serve the addicted community and hurting people worldwide. We have worked with numerous students and leaders from Africa, The Middle East, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia. As missionaries we welcome the opportunity to serve you- as you serve the needs of hurting people worldwide.
Equipping Hearts mission is to facilitate training, mentoring, networking and personal wholeness for leaders, churches, ministries and workers to empower them to skillfully serve the addicted community and hurting people locally and globally.



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